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Our Story | Christian Alexander

It’s 2015 and another day begins in the role of offering business advice, the sun is shining, another coffee has been made and my mind once again is in the colourful world of fashion. Gazing out of the office window, I am imagining the beginnings of my very own fashion business; luxurious soft grey furnishings, crisp white furniture, mirrors reflecting the sparkle of the clothes and lighting to complete the indulgent look. I always envisaged a bespoke and personal service where people didn’t just come to make a purchase, but they came to feel special, appreciated and valued. My dream was realised in June 2016 when Christian Alexander was launched!

“I tailor my buying to the four S’s….. Sophistication, Simplicity, Sparkle and Sass!”

Nothing quite beats helping a lady on a mission, who is desperate for something different and of high quality. This is where the real fun begins. Having my own business means I can cater as I like for those who come into the shop, I can spend as much time as that person needs, I can pull out as many dresses as she would like to try on, we can swap change and alter to suit her personal needs and that is a pretty special position to be in. There is an overarching trend at the moment for statement dresses; bold colours, figure accentuating, with the attitude of ‘I am strong, independent and brave and my dress will replicate this.’ I admire this and dare I say encourage it, we only live once and why shouldn't we want to turn heads when we enter a room? So, with this notion in mind, I tailor my evening wear buying to the four S’s….. Sophistication, Simplicity, Sparkle and Sass! Every lady needs some of that.  

What has been distinctly apparent since opening the store in Norton, is that the collection of bags, shoes and clothing have not been restricted to age. For example; our Salsa Jeans with their high waist and ability to lift your butt, the charm and elegance of our daywear shirts and accessories, the Modalu bags that are designed to never go out of style and the dresses, whether it be full length, arms covered, or a micro mini, there is most definitely something to suit everyone.

The last year has been an incredible journey, lavished with new beginnings, lessons, challenges, excitement and memories for Christian Alexander.

Thank you for being a part of it! 

Charlotte x

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